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The Producers

a Mel Brooks Musical

In our opinion, "The Producers" is just about as close to a perfect musical you can get. How can you go wrong with dancing Nazis, blue-haired old ladies and showgirls galore? Our theatrical rental costumes for The Producers continue to get rave reviews, and we have more than 500 costume pieces for your upcoming production!

The Producers is a deceptively difficult show. Even a bare-bones production involves hundreds of pieces. And the challenges of putting on "a show within a show",(Springtime for Hitler) along with the special costumes needed for quick changes throughout The Producers means its time to get your costumes from us!

We have great costumes to rent for Max Bialystock, including the smoking jacket, capes, vests and more. The costumes for the nervous "Leo" Bloom are generally straight forward, but we can certainly provide them. The hilarious "Chrysler Building" dress for Roger De Bris is a show stopper, plus we have the authentic costumes for Franz Liebkind, including helmet and lederhosen. Plus, if your production calls for a sexy Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yansen Tallen Hallen Svaden Swanson, we have the hot costumes for her as well.

In case you didn't know what a Pickelhaube helment was.Oh yes, we can rent you the classic Pickelhaube German helmet for the audition scene too!

Showgirls, showgirls, showgirls! (Be sure to ask us the story behind the "Pretzel Girl" costume.) Costume rentals for The Producers from looking4costumes.com will make your stage sparkle (and the critics take notice!) Call us today and reserve these fabulous costumes for your show!

Show Information

Costumes built for: Ephrata Performing Arts Center

Show Director: Pat Kautter


"The Springtime for Hitler production number is triumphantly unforgettable.

...Kudos to Janell Berté"

Jane Holahan
staff theater writer
Intelligencer Journal
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