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Pirates of Penzance

Our costumes the very model of a modern comic opera. Lush fabrics, and pirate styles from around the globe make our costumes for this classic from Gilbert and Sullivan a great addition to your upcoming production.

From Major-General Stanely to the robust costumes for the Pirate King, we have built a costume set to meet the rigors demands of both the professional and amateurs stage. Be sure to look for Frederic's (the Pirate Apprentice) great costumes.

We've assembled a bevy of beautiful, frilly costumes for General Stanley's daughters, Mabel, Kate, Edith and Isabel. We've color coordinated the outfits for the chaperones to make a colorful splash on your stage. While the costumes for the police officers are sure to bring a smile to your audience.

With this rich and textured costume set, a minimalists set can be used, saving your production expenses. So if you're looking for the Pirates of Penzance, give LOOKING4COSTUMES a call.

Show Information

Costumes built for: Boheme Opera, NJ

Show Director: Jamibeth Margolis


"Superb in every way! The costumes were colorful, well made and fully in keeping with the spirit of the show"
Toby Grace
staff theater writer
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