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Dream Sequence Costumes

Looking for Oklahoma costumes? Here is a great example of Looking4Costumes providing a crucial scene for your favorite musical.

Many times, sourcing the costumes for the bulk of Rogers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma is a relative breeze. (Costumes for theaters is never a breeze... but you know what we mean.) But when it comes to those special costumes for the dream ballet at the end of act one... its time to turn to an expert like Looking4Costumes!

These great theatrical corsets help make the bawdy and lustful dream come to life... yet still in a family friendly way. So if your theater is doing the musical Oklahoma in the future, and need to find just the right costumes, be sure to contact Looking4Costumes to help you in your specialty scenes.

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Costumes built for The Fulton Theater

Costume Supervisor: Beth Dunkelberger


"The Dream Ballet... is a real eye-opener."
Susan E Lindt
staff theater writer
Intelligencer Journal
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