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Man of La Mancha

Looking for great Man of La Mancha costumes? It's not an impossible dream at Looking4Costumes!! From the dirty prison, to the shimmering Knight of Mirrors, we can provide you an affordable rental for this great show.

We can provide you with costumes for your own Spanish Inquisition, with a Cervantes/Quixote that is not over-the-top. The Wraiths in the Knight of Mirrors scene provide a truly spooky touch to your stage.

Costume Tip: If you're making your own prison rags, you can distress them by picking up an old, discarded dryer and placing your costumes, along with some river rocks, in for a tumble... no heat of course. After about 2 hours, viola! prison rags!

Show Information

Costumes built originally for: Ephrata Performing Arts Center

Show Director: Richard Repkoe


"Affordable costume rentals for community theaters and schools. Our 10-day first week means dress rehearsals are free!"
Richard Wood
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